The EvoEndo System is the only FDA-cleared product designed specifically for pediatric patients, introducing a sedation-free, lower-risk, cost-effective alternative to traditional endoscopy. Our System incorporates a single-use, ultra-slim, flexible scope with four-way steering, a portable controller with advanced image quality, and a virtual reality-based system for patient distraction.

EvoEndo Model LE Single-Use Gastroscope 

EvoEndo Product Brochure

Product Details

  • Narrow diameter fits smaller nasal anatomy
  • Enables full transnasal EGD
  • Accommodates most standard pediatric accessories
  • Reduces risk of scope cross-contamination
  • Multiple scope lengths for different upper GI anatomy

EvoEndo Controller 

EvoEndo Controller-1

Product Details

  • Lightweight and portable at 6” x 8.5”, 2 lbs
  • Easy to set up – plug and play
  • Easy to scale to multiple sites
  • Integrates with some third-party endoscopy reporting software (e.g., Provation)

EvoEndo Patient Experience Kit

EvoEndo Comfort Kit-1

Product Details

  • Virtual reality patient distraction via single-use VR goggles
  • Stress-relief squeeze ball
  • Curated, age-appropriate video library at

EvoEndo Endoscopy System Highlights 

Benefits of the EvoEndo Endoscopy System

Ultra-Slim and Flexible Gastroscope Narrow 3.5 mm outer diameter for smaller nasal anatomy and 2.0 mm working channel that accommodates standard pediatric instrumentation.
Single-Use Design Minimizes cross-contamination risk and eliminates repair costs.
Advanced Imaging Unmatched definition and clarity in a single-use disposable scope.
Precision Steering 4-way steering with ambidextrous controls for precise navigational control.
Multiple Scope Lengths The option of an 85 cm or 110 cm shaft maximizes capability and flexibility for the upper GI anatomy you’re trying to visualize.
Integrated Air, Water & Suction All the features of a full-size reusable gastroscope in a pediatrics-friendly form factor.
Full EGD Capability A 110 cm shaft length provides procedural flexibility to go all the way to the proximal duodenum.
Enhance Image Feature Improves definition for clear, high-quality images in real-time.
Ergonomic Design Familiar control layout fits a range of hand sizes for precision and confidence.
Portable Controller Portability makes system setup a breeze, making Sedation-Free TNE possible anywhere.
App-Based VR Distraction Decrease patient anxiety and put young minds at ease through distraction for a smoother patient visit.

Advanced Imaging

EvoEndo Product Images

Enhance Image Feature

FDA Cleared Indications for Use

The EvoEndo® Model LE Gastroscope is intended for the visualization of the upper digestive tract in adults and pediatric patients, specifically for the observation, diagnosis, and endoscopic treatment of the esophagus, stomach, and duodenal bulb in patients over the age of five. The gastroscope is a sterile, single-use device and can be inserted orally or transnasally. The EvoEndo® Controller is intended for use with an EvoEndo® Endoscope for endoscopic diagnosis, treatment, and video observation. 

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