“EvoEndo is a revolution in the TNE world! This design of the scope made it easy to intubate the duodenum and perform transnasal EGD!” 

- Yamen Smadi, MD

“The portability of the system makes it easy to take it out of the endoscopy suite and into the clinics to create an opportunity for point of care diagnosis.”

- Matthew Ryan, MD

“The EvoEndo anesthesia-free upper endoscopy system is easy to use for GI doctors and well tolerated by children and teens. The EvoEndo v2 endoscope has the potential to revolutionize care for upper GI tract disorders with a new approach to common GI conditions without the risks of anesthesia.”  

- James Franciosi, MD

Patient Testimonials

“This is way better than the smelly anesthesia and waking up grumpy or tired.” 

- Eliana, 10-year-old pediatric patient

“This is a lot less time consuming, and a lot easier to do than normal endoscopies with anesthesia.” 

- Colin, pediatric patient

“With unsedated transnasal endoscopy, we’re out of here in about an hour. It is a lot easier.” 

- Tracy, parent of pediatric patient