Benefits of an Unsedated Endoscopy with the EvoEndo System

EvoEndo Icons_No Anesthesia

No needles or IVs and less fasting time required

EvoEndo Icons_Controller & Scope

Reduced risk of cross-contamination with EvoEndo’s sterile single-use scope

EvoEndo Icons_Time

Less time preparing for and recovering from the procedure, get back to work, school, or other commitments more quickly

22 EE-Comfort Kit_6697

EvoEndo Patient Experience Kit

The EvoEndo Experience Kit allows patients an option for distraction during the procedure. The Comfort Kit includes: 

  • Virtual reality (VR) goggles and a link to EvoEndo’s curated video library 
  • Squeeze ball 

In the News

Patients with conditions like Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE) are required to undergo routine endoscopies every 1-2 months, usually necessitating them to go under anesthesia. Unsedated options, like the EvoEndo System, allow patients like Nick to get back to their activities following their endoscopies.

Check out this WEWS-TV interview where Mike Holden meets with Nick and University Hospitals Rainbow & Children’s Hospital’s Chief of Pediatric Gastroenterology & Nutrition, Dr. Thomas Sferra to highlight the new endoscopy option:

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