Benefits of an Unsedated Endoscopy with the EvoEndo System

EvoEndo Icons_No Anesthesia

No needles or IVs and less fasting time required

EvoEndo Icons_Controller & Scope

Reduced risk of cross-contamination with EvoEndo’s sterile single-use scope

EvoEndo Icons_Time

Less time preparing for and recovering from the procedure, get back to work, school, or other commitments more quickly

Comfort Kit

EvoEndo Patient Comfort Kit

The EvoEndo Comfort Kit allows patients an option for distraction during the procedure. The Comfort Kit includes: 

  • Virtual reality (VR) goggles and a link to EvoEndo’s curated video library 
  • An eye mask if you prefer to close your eyes and block out the light 
  • Squeeze ball to keep your hands occupied